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Private Users

Access ebooks without internet from anywhere, anytime and on any personal device e.g. Laptops, Desktop, Smartphone & Tablets

Private users looking to buy textbooks or general eBooks within the website will need to create a unique login profile, the login profile enables an automatic creation of a user dashboard with defined user sections and some of the sections are described below. The books purchased from would be available for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Analytics / Reports

The analytics and report section provides a graphical and visual representation of the below

  • User’s performance on exam assessments taken.
  • Graphical view of percentage of book reading / curriculum covered
  • Performance based on subjects across the above attributes, etc.

Assessment Section (Quiz engine, MCQ)

The assessment section provides a flexible and intuitive approach to testing and assessing the user’s performances throughout the course of study. The Assessment section provides the options of assessments covering the below. Users will have the option of taking assessments based on topics and also based on past exam questions.

  • Question Bank of past exams.
  • Ability to generate automatic mock exam questions as desired.
  • Ability to generate specific textbook chapter related exam questions.

Personal Library

The library will hold all books purchased on the AfricLearn website, once downloaded the books can be accessed in offline mode without the need of an internet. Users who also buy non-school related eBooks e.g. fictional and non-fictional books will have their books automatically available in their personal library once purchased.

Offline Reading

Whilst the initial access to the books and download of application including streaming of videos requires some form of internet access, the continuous access, study and assessment based learning for User will not require any internet access. The users can access all their purchased materials (textbooks and past questions) in an offline mode on their various devices.

Offline Reading – for when there is no internet

  • Web browser App for offline reading on Desktops
  • Native iOS App for offline reading on Apple devices
  • Native Android App for offline reading on Android devices

Other sections available to private users can be viewed once logged in. Visit the FAQ page for additional information on how to use the platform.