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Delivering effective learning management solution for Universities with embeded course aligned textbooks, assessment questions and learning videos.

AfricLearn’ s University solution is a cloud-based innovative education solution with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) enabled pedagogy providing digital access to university textbook for various university courses. The university solution gives you all the same solution embedded with the schools solution with the extra advance structure of faculties and departments to enable an effective flipped classroom learning model.

Additional advantages the AfricLearn provides includes but not limited to


(Bring Your Own Device) Online & Offline Access - Learning is no longer confined to any specific device, place or time. To support the needs of today’s generation of students, AfricLearn provides the access to learning resources from anywhere, anytime and on any device both online and offline.


An interactive element to e-learning creates an interesting and engaging environment in which learning becomes a part of goal attainment and fun for the students.


As the solution is available on multiple devices such as mobiles, tablets and PCs, learning and teaching is flexible thereby enabling an effective delivery and monitoring of student performances.

Easy and uniform content delivery

Creation of content as per requirement of the curriculum and delivery across regions consistently without change in quantity or quality.

Wider Reach

The content is available online as well so it has a larger reach and access to more people.

Need Based

The user – Students, lecturers, administrators can use the system solution as and when they need it to create, monitor or apply the content for objective results.

Reduces costs

All of the above-mentioned factors result in a cost savings for the educational sector. As the stakeholders don’t have to travel to organizations, that use e-learning courses to replace some of their traditional instructor-led training.

Easy & Simple Implementation

Being a cloud-based platform, no hardware or software to purchase, install or maintain. All users can access AfricLearn from their own convenient devices such as smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops.

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